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We strive to create a positive and educational experience for each rider and horse, at any level of riding, experience or training. 


A person who believes in you will take you farther than you ever thought possible.  


With Robert and Stacy Jo it is a journey of faith and believing.  Their program works well for those riders that are life learners, seeking training and have goals to improve and become better horsemen.

FINDING FREEDOM IN YOUR RIDING is the goal for the 2024 clinic series to build great leaders.

  • Improve your performance

  • Gain confidence for the show pen

  • Impact your life

  • Camaraderie

  • Become a better partner with your horse

  • Your values will reflect through your horse

  • A place to enjoy your horse 

CLINIC TERRY_edited_edited.png
Image by Mandy Naleli




Clinics include the Friday night Cowtrac work and two days of riding.  

Riders will learn how to improve their scores and patterns, while understanding the judges point of view and perspective.

The Hartley's help each rider to understand how their horse learns and how best to communicate with him or her to encourage a willing, responsive, balanced and soft horse. 

Fresh cattle are provided at each clinic.  Learning how to read and find the correct position to work cattle.

If you do not see a date that works for you or if you would like to host a clinic, please give Stacy Jo a call to schedule at

(503) 798-1076.

  • $150 a day (Includes cattle fee)

  • $15 per night for stall

  • $15 per night for RV hook up

Image by Taylor Brandon
RCH SJ_edited.jpg


Private and group riding lessons are offered, as well as clinics in small and large settings.  

Through goal planning and the discovery process, the Hartley's assist the riders to learn faster while retaining the information from session to session.

Defining clear goals, while balancing the enjoyment for the whole experience, is what Robert and Stacy Jo encourage for success. 

Please give Robert a call to set up a lesson (503) 798-1077.




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